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If you like quick-minded heroines who solve cases with logic and intuition, beautiful yet deadly fae, and Otherworldly intrigues, then you’ll love these gaslamp fantasy mysteries set in a world of manners and mythical monsters.

Blood of the Fae series starter bundle includes:

  • Whispers in the Waters (print edition)
  • Tattoo of Crimson (print edition)
  • Jewel of Blood short story (digital edition)
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  • Digital bonus scenes
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About the books

Whispers in the Waters

Ladies don’t shame their families.  

Ladies don’t confront Otherwordly threats.

Ladies certainly don’t admit some taint of the fae has touched their souls—unless they wish to find themselves confined to an Institution.

Gently-bred herbalist Jessa Caldwell is trying to be a lady. She conceals her true nature amongst her plants and her sketches—where she can almost shut out the whispers she alone hears. But a threat to her beloved aunt forces her from the comfort of home to a town perilously near an Otherworldly Crossing, with its ever-present risk of fae incursions.

To protect her aunt and the townsfolk she comes to care for, she must uncover the individual responsible for a series of increasingly dangerous attacks—but to find this saboteur will require embracing the part of herself she fears most, an act that could cost her dearly. 

In a world where Vigilists lock up fae-touched mortals, Jessa must decide if she’s willing to risk exposing her true nature to obtain the truth and protect those she loves.

Tattoo of Crimson

Society, suitors, and…serial murders?

As much as she desires to please her family, gently-bred herbalist Jessa Caldwell has no intention of making a suitable match—not when she’s seeking the truth about the taint of the fae that lies within her. If she’s to escape the madness brought on by fae-touch, she must devote her energies to seeking a cure.

But then mysterious tattoos begin to appear on the citizens of Avons. None recall receiving these harbingers of death, but all die at the hand of an untraceable killer days or weeks after being marked.

When the tattoo appears on her beloved mentor, Jessa seeks the Magistry with information on the case—yet they refuse to consider her findings, so she must risk both social censure and her own safety to hunt for the killer herself.

Her one possible ally represents her greatest fear—the encroaching Otherworld consuming her mind—and may well undo all her efforts to control her fae-touch. Yet if she forsakes the offered aid, the killer will go free.

Something sinister stalks the streets of her city, and she must decide…how far will she go to stop the killing?

Reviewers say...

“A glorious gaslamp fantasy, full of murder, fae and restrictive social conventions. This story really is for anyone who loves murder mystery, fantasy and historical fiction… Because it’s the best of all three worlds!”
Immersed in Books
“...a superbly written book that is chock-full of surprise, beauty, and creativity! … I was left turning the pages and couldn’t put it down.”
The Art of Reading
Tattoo of Crimson is a brilliantly written
book, full of imagination, beauty and wonders!"
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What is gaslamp fantasy, anyway?

I’m glad you asked! While definitions can differ, it’s generally viewed as a subgenre of fantasy that places traditional fantasy elements into a historical setting (real world or analogous secondary world), often featuring Regency, Victorian, or Edwardian technology and aesthetics. It overlaps with the fantasy of manners genre and it typically incorporates social norms from the aforementioned eras, juxtaposing them with supernatural beings (fae, elves, etc) and/or gothic elements (like a haunted house or mysterious, crumbling manor) for plenty of delightful conflict! 

In short, you might think Jane Austen feel + classic gothic tropes + supernatural/fantastical elements = gaslamp fantasy. In my case, I’ve added mystery to the mix! Each story in my Blood of the Fae series contains a complete mystery arc (the main plot will reach full resolution), while following Jessa’s journey as she explores the greater mysteries of her world and the Otherworld. Of course, that’s made all the more difficult by the expectations placed upon her as a lady–and the peculiar, inexplicable fae-touch that plagues her. I hope you’ll join her as she unravels the many layers of deception and intrigue binding the two worlds. 

Will I like this series?

That depends. Do you enjoy the following elements?

If you do, then chances are good that you’ll enjoy this starter bundle! You’ll find these and much more in the Blood of the Fae series! 

Books + bonuses

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You won’t find cursing, on-page sexual content, or gratuitous violence in this series (but please note, Whispers in the Waters contains a near-drowning incident and Tattoo of Crimson includes references to serial murders of a disturbing nature).

  • Whispers in the Waters (prequel)
  • Tattoo of Crimson (book 1)
  • Ruins of Bone (book 2, coming October 2023)

Jewel of Blood is a short story set in the Blood of the Fae world prior to the start of the series and featuring a different protagonist. It can be read at any time.

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