Signs in the Stars


The stars travel in fixed courses. They’re reliable, predictable, unchanging—and gentleman astronomer Alden Caldwell appreciates this fact. They’ve never failed him, at least not until the night his wife died. That day, the constancy of the heavens abandoned him, and strange alterations marred the familiar firmament.

Though no one believes him, he’s confident the aberrations he witnessed connect to her death. And he’s sought proof ever since, holding steady to his purpose throughout the long years.

When Alden learns that a farmer in Shepherd’s Bush has witnessed mysterious signs in the stars, after which his livestock begin to succumb to inexplicable, brutal ends, the astronomer leaps on the chance to gain the evidence he requires. But far from being able to conduct his research in peace, he finds that he must deal with people and all their vagaries—not to mention local unrest following the string of deaths.

Animals continue to die, and he must choose if he’ll remain an observer or risk action to stop the brutality before it escalates. Even if he ventures far beyond comfort, will he be able to stop worse from befalling not only the inhabitants of Shepherd’s Bush, but also those he loves?

This novelette takes place concurrently with Ruins of Bone, book two in the Blood of the Fae series. While a self-contained story, it assumes prior knowledge of the Blood of the Fae world.

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