two dragon heads breathing smoke
April 10, 2023

Dragons and dragon-like creatures appear in almost every mythos in the world, each with unique traits and lore befitting the culture from which they sprang, and the Romanian balaur is no exception. Name: Balaur Appearance: Dragon-like creatures covered in serpentine scales, the balauri possessed wings, fins, and legs making them adept predators in a variety…

January 17, 2023

It’s official—Tattoo of Crimson is here! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of releasing a book into the world, and in celebration, I’m here to discuss some of the fantasy and mystery elements I particularly enjoyed writing. Like many authors, I incorporate elements of what I love into all aspects of my books, starting with…

River image
December 14, 2022

The njuggle, a lovely, impish water-horse, might indulge in trickery and prank-playing, but rarely caused lasting harm. It provided fodder for many a well-spun tale and material for cautionary warnings to many a child, stories no doubt lent credence by the wide-spread existence of real-life Shetland ponies, each appearance a possible njuggle sighting.

November 14, 2022

Dragons, sea-monsters, griffins—all these populate various fantastic realms, providing one enduring characteristic of fantasy, its unusual creatures. They may be fearsome, endearing, or bizarre, but they all add color and flavor to fantasy worlds and spark our imaginations with what isn’t…but could be. In my periodic posts on mythic creatures, I’ll offer highlights on common…