Fae and Felines: A Few Favorite Elements from Tattoo of Crimson

It’s official—Tattoo of Crimson is here! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of releasing a book into the world, and in celebration, I’m here to discuss some of the fantasy and mystery elements I particularly enjoyed writing.

Like many authors, I incorporate elements of what I love into all aspects of my books, starting with genre. From the time my dad read me the Chronicles of Narnia when I was very young, I’ve loved fantasy. I moved on to Lord of the Rings, and other well-known fantasy tales, and I also devoured compilations of fairy tales and folklore. Many of those stories read in childhood have stuck with me to this day and informed my passion for the genre. 

As I got older, I added in analytical reading on folklore around the world and dug deeper into my favorite stories. So it was only natural that elements from fairy tales and mythology would make their way into my books, starting with the fae themselves. Fae (or faeries/fairies) have a rich history in the folklore of the world, with each country and storyteller adding to the body of lore. These tales have always intrigued me, as well as the idea of developing my own fae-based mythology, which became an integral part of the Blood of the Fae series. It’s simply a delight to play with how different mythological beings might view and interact with humans—and how these mortals would view them in turn.

While I’ve incorporated some well-known mythical creatures into Tattoo of Crimson (and you’ll see many more as the series continues), I’ve also had fun conjuring up my own mythical beings.

While I’d planned to incorporate a variety of mythical creatures, a new love surprised me during the writing process, when Jade—Jessa’s feline companion—sauntered into my imagination as I began to write the prequel. She was a pleasant surprise, and she’s stolen my heart! And of course, there’s more to her than meets the eye.

Which brings me to mysteries. As a reader, I delight in mysteries, both the classic whodunit type and novels of all genres that have heavy mystery threads. In Tattoo of Crimson, I’ve sought to build layers of mystery, not only the central serial murder plot, but also additional mysteries about how the mortal world and Otherworld interact, the nature of Jessa’s abilities (her fae-touch), and numerous additional threads that will carry through the series. Don’t worry though, the primary mystery reaches full resolution in this book.

Tattoo of Crimson and the whole Blood of the Fae series draws from many of my long-time story loves—I hope you’ll find some new favorite elements in it as well!

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