Ruins of Bone


Admirers, antiquities, and . . . ancient curses?

A curse taints the ruins of Kilmere—or so the locals say—which makes it an unchancy inheritance for herbalist Jessa Caldwell. Worse still, a cruel fae lord in the guise of a gentleman seeks to wrest the crumbling cliffside fortress from her and use its powers for his own ends.

But Jessa isn’t one to surrender easily. She’s determined to resist the lord’s machinations and protect the legacy left by her mentor, even if that means involving the fae arbiter Riven, an act that could see her permanently locked away—all while evading her family’s expectation that she make a match from their list of favored suitors.

Yet she’s not prepared for the depths of fae deceit and cruelty she discovers—nor the reality behind the curse. When the nearby townsfolk begin to succumb to it, suffering slow, excruciating deaths, the authorities seek a mortal poisoner, refusing to consider that these murders could have an Otherworldly origin.

To uncover the true killer, Jessa must make forbidden alliances and explore the extent of her own fae-influenced nature. If she fails, countless innocents will die, including those closest to her . . . but if she succeeds, it may cost her everything.

In book two of the Blood of the Fae gaslamp fantasy series, Jessa faces her greatest challenge yet—threats concealed within long-abandoned ruins, where secrets about the precarious balance between the Otherworld and her own lay buried. Will she unearth the truth before it’s too late?

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PRINT LENGTH: 664 pages
PUBLICATION DATE: October 25, 2023


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